On finding little joys in Tuesdays

Nothing of particular significance happened today — not that it really ever does with how routine my life has to be until I graduate — but little things added up to make it a good day.

This morning, I remembered that I owned green pants that were shoved in the back of my drawer from when it was still warm at the beginning of the semester, and finding them meant that I could finally wear my jean jacket without clashing with actual jean pants. “This isn’t the 90’s, and you’re not Justin Timberlake,” as my roommate would put it.

However, I will forever regret not growing up as a teenager in the 90’s when jean jackets were a thing and music festivals were about music and not how trendy you could make your of-the-earth outfits look on Instagram; we talk about being 90’s kids, but I think we missed the window by a few years. I barely remember Wonderballs, and often wonder if they’re implanted memories by whoever controls the simulator that is one explanation of the Fermi Paradox. Which should be a discussion left for my probable existential crisis post.

My tests and projects and papers and subsequent stress, poor eating, and lack of sleep have subsided, which means my face is clearing up — so I felt good. I liked existing today.

That sounded more dismal than I meant it to. But you know those days you just don’t want to leave the house and see people and have people see you because society has deemed a woman’s worth as how much she turns men on? Gross, I know — they’re really not worth it. But I haven’t felt great for a few weeks now and today was just. Good. I felt good.

I heard my roommate leave the apartment before me in the morning, but still caught the same bus as her, so that was sortof a personal triumph.

I had a politics exam (POLI 101 — shouldn’t be too hard, you’d think, but it’s super not my forte) first thing upon arriving on campus, but had to grab a scantron and a blue book from Student Stores — there was no line, and nobody behind me making me feel like I had to rush and get out of the way and tuck my wallet and papers haphazardly into my backpack as quickly as I could to accommodate them. That was nice.

And I actually knew how to go about answering the essay question on my POLI exam! Amazing! Good work!

My other classes flowed smoothly, and though the day was long — extra long, as I had to see a film for a class at 6:30 p.m. that didn’t end until around 8:30 — it was beautiful, and kind to me. No harsh sunlight, no biting winds; a perfectly heavy, soothing fall day.

I know it was a Tuesday, but for once I really wouldn’t mind another.


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Tiffany Joy Clark

Assistant Coordinator for Education at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center B.A. Media and Journalism

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